Fonte: New York Times, 18 Julho de 2009

As “diferenças” da administração Obama.


O poder está na Goldman Sachs, e vários membros ou ex-membros dela estão na administração Obama.*

Cite-se:Robert Reich:

But in another respect, Goldman’s resurgence should send shivers down the backs of every hardworking American who has lost a large chunk of retirement savings in this economic debacle, as well as the millions who have lost their jobs. Why? Because Goldman’s high-risk business model hasn’t changed one bit from what it was before the implosion of Wall Street. Goldman is still wagering its capital and fueling giant bets with lots of borrowed money. While its rivals have pared back risks, Goldman has increased them. And its renewed success at this old game will only encourage other big banks to go back into it.

  • A Goldman Sachs continua a investir com dinheiro emprestado, continuando a fazer o mesmo modelo de negócio que deu em 2008, os resultados que deu.

Meanwhile, Goldman is still depending on $28 billion in outstanding debt issued cheaply with the backing of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Which means you and I are still indirectly funding Goldman’s high-risk operations.

  • Continuando, no entanto com 28 Biliões de dólares de dividas, que são apoiadas pelo fundo de garantia bancária norte americana – os contribuintes americanos financiam as operações de alto risco financeiro da Goldman.

Goldman is skillful at playing the market. Now that most of its major competitors are out of the action or still under the strict control of the Treasury and the Fed, it has the market mostly to itself.

  • O mercado todo pertence, neste momento à Goldman.

So the fact that Goldman has reverted to its old ways in the market suggests it has every reason to believe it can revert to its old ways in politics, should its market strategies backfire once again — leaving the rest of us once again to pick up the pieces.

  • Se a Goldman continua a agir da mesma maneira nos mercados económicos, há todas as razões*para pensar que politicamente continua a agir da mesma maneira.

Com a administração Obama as coisas são diferentes.

Com a “esquerda americana” as coisas são diferentes.

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