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Antecedentes: em 2010, o governo norte americano acusou a Goldman Sachs de ter conspirado com um cliente ( o fundo financeiro gerido por Jonh  Paulson ( para defraudar outros clientes (outros bancos) enriquecendo-se a si próprio no processo.

A “SEC” aplicou uma multa de 285 milhões de dólares, pouco para a dimensão do processo legal e da fraude.

O que é novo é que a acusações  contra a Goldman começam a vir dentro da própria Goldman.


What is new, of course, is that the accusations against Goldman are now coming from within. In more than twenty-five years of following and writing about the firm, I have watched it go through innumerable scandals—from its part in the Robert Maxwell affair to its role as an adviser to the Greek government—and never in all that time have I seen anybody from the firm break ranks like this:

To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money…. The firm has veered so far from the place I joined right out of college that I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what it stands for.


Ou seja:

So, at last, the truth is out.

I’m not sure what, if anything, the firm can do about this disaster. And let’s be clear, it’s not just a public-relations nightmare: it’s a big threat to Goldman’s business, which, as Smith points out, has evolved gradually over the past twenty years. Other big Wall Street firms, such as Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan, have similar conflicts of interest. They, too, are often to be found on both sides of a given deal. But no other firm has been as aggressive or as shameless as Goldman.


Smith ended his article by writing, “I hope this can be a wake-up call to the board of directors.” That’s another way of saying: wake up, guys, and fire Lloyd Blankfein and his cronies—they are destroying the firm.

Given the iron grip that Blankfein exercises on Goldman, I don’t think this is going to happen, at least not for a while. But even he must realize that the take-no-prisoners business model he has championed—he didn’t invent it: Goldman was becoming increasingly brazen even before it went public—is now backfiring.

And what is the easiest way to change perceptions of Goldman? Change its leadership.

In a memo sent to Goldman employees today, Blankfein and fellow executive Gary Cohn attempted to respond to Smith by saying that what he wrote was unrepresentative of the firm as a whole. “Needless to say, we were disappointed to read the assertions made by this individual that do not reflect our values, our culture and how the vast majority of people at Goldman Sachs think about the firm and the work it does on behalf of our clients,” they said. You can read the full version here. Needless to say, it won’t generate nearly as much attention as the Op-Ed that prompted it.


Há conflito de interesse quando alguém obtém uma vantagem indevida, direta ou indireta, utilizando-se de algum poder dentro da empresa. O interesse da empresa (seu direito) é que todos os seus recursos sejam empregados para os fins legítimos e legais a que ela se propõe. O interesse do colaborador (seu dever) é realizar seu trabalho de modo adequado para receber sua devida remuneração e isso implica em fazer com que os recursos da empresa sejam empregados exclusivamente de acordo com seu propósito. Tirar proveito pessoal indevido desses processos é uma transgressão ética. Conflito de interesse também é entrar em concorrência desleal com a empresa, por exemplo, realizando serviços que são próprios da empresa e cobrando por fora, por eles. Observe-se que não apenas o conflito de interesse real é condenável, mas também o aparente: pois todo conflito afeta a imagem da empresa e isso nem sempre pode ser corrigido. O público externo deve ter todas as evidências de que todos os procedimentos da empresa visam exclusivamente aos seus objetivos legítimos e legais.


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